Deltek Time & Expense for Government Contractors

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Deltek Time & Expense is a web-based application for recording labor hours and expenses of employees. Government contractors benefit from the automation of the recording, validation, approval, and processing of these functions, which comply with government regulations. The result is lowered administrative costs, with greater data accuracy.

Time & Expense integrates with Deltek Costpoint® and Deltek GCS Premier® to move approved time sheets and expense reports directly into your accounting system. NeoSystems has extensive experience in tailoring Time & Expense to meet the needs of government contractors. Time & Expense is used as a core product in our Accounting services, including:

In addition, NeoSystems offers Time & Expense in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, an economic alternative to purchasing the software outright.


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Managed Accounting Services provide government contractors with industry experts, software from Deltek and IBM, and an advanced technical infrastructure to address accounting and financial management challenges.