Survey says . . . how healthy is your business?

As with our own health, the well-being of a company is not always clear from a quick glance. Often, there are business issues under the surface that, if left unresolved, could sink your company faster than you think.

We have developed a brief survey that will provide a glimpse into your organization's operational health. Just answer the eight survey questions, focused on business technology and processes, and we'll provide you with a health report card for your business.

The survey is particularly relevant for government contractors struggling with:

  • Lack of real-time actionable business information
  • Manual processes in older, more rigid accounting system
  • Data overload between accounting and project management teams
  • Weak internal and external reporting capabilities


Business Systems Health Check Webinar

Is your business system architecture and technology drowning your management team? Does your accounting team struggle just to give your PMs basic performance feedback? In fact, is your system giving you information at all, or just mounds of data?

Join Federal Publications Seminars and NeoSystems' Rich Wilkinson for a discussion on determining the state of your business systems' health, covering:

  • The four tools that affect the health of your business systems
  • "Data-dump" pitfalls and what to do about them
  • Why older systems may be doing you (and your PMs) a disservice
  • How to create information from data for internal clients


Today's government contracting business systems are built on a foundation of policies, implemented by procedures, followed by consistent practice to move data in processes from source transaction to a client bill and a management report. When DCAA examines a business system, they look at the various aspects of the system in exactly the following order.

  1. Policies (for compliance with FAR Part 31 and CAS, if applicable)
  2. Procedures (for compliance with the company's stated policies)
  3. Practices (to ensure the policies and procedures are actually being followed)
  4. Processes and Tools (to ensure the first three things will result in reliable, repeatable results and produce the outcomes contemplated by the policies)


Government contractors and their business leaders are advised to look inward and make sure these systems are aligned and running efficiently and effectively for maximum ROI.

Take our 8 question survey to find out your organization's diagnosis

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