NetSuite CRM Solutions

NetSuite CRM is an incredible resource for businesses focused on their client relationships. With NeoSystems, you can improve upon these features with cloud-based CRM software services for businesses, designed to improve the efficacy of your CRM implementation.

Today’s successful companies are agile and responsive to their customer’s needs. Wherever possible, they’ve replaced manual processes with automated ones so they can respond quickly. Many have turned to SAAS-based CRM solutions to achieve this, chief among them NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management software for nonprofits and commercial businesses.

NetSuite’s CRM+ package is the only cloud-based CRM solution for commercial businesses and nonprofits that delivers real-time customer information across the customer lifecycle, from lead to order and support services. If you’re looking for donor fundraising software, the NetSuite CRM+ system delivers powerful customer relationship management capabilities, all in a single cloud CRM solution, including:

  • Sales Force Automation (SFA): The NetSuite system provides powerful CRM solutions for commercial businesses and nonprofits alike, and helps power your sales team with automation and visibility – allowing users to see every aspect of your relationships and get the insights they need to sell, upsell and take customer relationships further.
  • Marketing Automation: The NetSuite CRM automates marketing processes, providing a framework for your business to build on and allowing you to align campaigns and programs more closely with your sales efforts. Build your marketing campaigns from the ground up and easily measure their successes.
  • Customer Support and Service Management: Get a complete view of your customers and their support experiences through NetSuite CRM’s customer service management system. Improve customer satisfaction and lower service costs by closely analyzing customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle in real-time.
  • Partner Relationship Management: The Partner Relationship Management system from the NetSuite CRM offers real solutions to help build relationships between partners, boosting collaboration and visibility between your organizations. From joint marketing efforts to lead and sale management, NetSuite CRM has everything you need to build profitable partner relationships.
  • Mobile Functions: NetSuite CRM is also available in mobile form using an intuitive interface that allows you to easily access and upload data from anywhere, improving business mobility.

In addition to these key functionalities, NetSuite CRM+ includes powerful sales performance and order management and integrates easily into existing ERP investments. These functions make it an excellent CRM solution for commercial businesses and non-profits alike.

NeoSystems’ Cloud-Based Software Services For Organizations

These features offer a wide variety of benefits for companies of all types and sizes. However, any CRM is only as good as its implementation, and a poor implementation can reduce the efficacy of the previously mentioned functions. That’s why NeoSystems offers comprehensive implementation services for users looking to optimize their NetSuite CRM implementation.

Our team of implementation professionals has hundreds of years’ worth of combined experience in ERP software, so we have the knowledge to adjust the NetSuite CRM system to fit your needs. By outsourcing your implementation to a consultant, you can get the key functionalities you need and get started more quickly with a cloud-based CRM software service tailored for your business or nonprofit.

CRM software implementation for nonprofits is particularly important, so your nonprofit can get the most out of your investment and maximize your resources.

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Interested in using NetSuite CRM in your business? Contact NeoSystems today to learn more about how we can help you implement this dynamic system into your organization, as well as how we can help you make the most of it!

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