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If you're looking to maximize your organization's efficiency, data analytics, and revenue, NetSuite could be just the ERP platform to help. Watch some of our NetSuite Webinars on demand below, and learn how to effectively utilize this powerful system to get the most out of your business.

NS for the Software Industry

 NetSuite for the Software Industry            watch on-demand

  In this webinar demo, NeoSystems will show you:

 1. NetSuite’s invoicing and sophisticated revenue recognition management
 2. Accelerated global financial consolidation and reporting
 3. How to manage complex subscription/recurring revenue models

  ...and much more! At the end of this session, you'll understand why NetSuite is the world's fastest growing unified platform vendor four years and running, and  why thousands of technology companies are making the switch!    


 c-suiteNetSuite for the C-Suite                             watch on-demand

 Join NeoSystems in taking a look at one of the most robust business systems on the market in  this one-hour overview and dashboard demo for CFOs.

 Leverage NetSuite to:

 1) Enable real time and efficient integration of critical business data across departments.

 2) Increase trust in financial data and streamline key business processes.

 3) Obtain instant analysis resulting in real-time actionable metrics.

 4) Activate unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting reporting, audit & compliance.

 erp and crm Perfect Partnership: ERP and CRM        watch on-demand

 Imagine that perfect 360-degree view of your customer touch points, sales and financial data.    What if you could view a customer’s current and historical purchasing data, and pull real-time  analytics?  Where would your sales margins be if we made it easy to cross and up-sell your  customers?  What could you accomplish with all of this information?

 Stop dreaming.  Get on board with NetSuite’s unified business platform.  Join us for a deep dive  into NetSuite’s CRM’s robust capabilities and integration with ERP. In this webinar we’ll introduce  you to NetSuite’s unified platform, take you through the entire lead-to-cash process, and  demonstrate how its award-wining CRM will improve you  bottom line.


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