Deltek First (GCS Premier) for Government Contractors

Does your staff have to enter and reenter the same data into multiple systems, risking errors? Are your project status reports based on possibly outdated data from multiple sources? Are you manually performing financial process tasks resulting in extra time and effort?

NeoSystems offers Deltek First/GCS Premier® consulting services for government contractors of all sizes. Our team of experts ensures your system is optimized to run your business more efficiently than ever before.

Our Consulting Services for Deltek GCS Premier include:

  • System Reviews: deep and detailed analysis of the current architecture and operating procedures for your Deltek First/GCS Premier environment to determine optimization areas
  • Hosting: secure data is essential to running your business. We’ll safeguard your data, making sure you have 24/7 secure access
  • Reporting/Dashboards: dashboards and reports give visibility into project-level and company-wide performance. Using the IBM® Cognos® reporting suite, our team of financial analysts can craft any type of report including financial statements, job and project status reports and Incurred Cost Submission schedules. Similar to our Dashboards for Deltek, you’ll have on-demand access to metrics that drive performance and win business.
  • Staff Augmentation: Our expanding team of accountants and controllers offer vast and diverse experience in operating compliance. We manage peak workload periods using a flexible approach, both for short and long-term support.
  • Training: Our extensive roster of courses, including 11 beginner-level classes designed to expand skill-sets, target Compliance, General Ledger Processing, Indirect Rates, Contract Setup and more.  Similar to our Dashboards for Deltek, you’ll have on-demand access to metrics that drive performance.
  • Deltek First/GCS Premier to Costpoint Upgrades: Ready to make the crossover to Costpoint 7? Our skilled implementation staff will work with you to migrate your existing system data to a fully-functional and compliant Costpoint environment. We’ll work with you through the entire implementation and assist in end-user training.

NeoSystems offers GCS Premier in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, a cost-effective alternative that enables our clients to subscribe on a per-seat, per-month basis rather than purchasing the software outright.

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