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NeoSystems offers wide array of leading-technology business and financial performance management software designed to enhance budgeting, forecasting, and reporting capabilities. The software we provide our customers has been hand-selected based on our own personal experience in using the tools with clients in our specialized industries--government contracting, non-profit organizations, and commercial business. Our teams of certified developers tailor these best-in-class applications to meet the unique business needs of our clients.

Here are some the products that we support and recommend:

  • Abila: a comprehensive, best-in-class membership management software that supports registrations, renewals, and much more.
  • Contract Logix: a centralized system to keep track of all your contracts, with historical data to help generate new business.
  • Corporate Focus: an automated, secure equity reporting system that enables you to stay compliant with equity regulations.
  • Ethical Advocate: provides comprehensive ethics and compliance solutions, including ethics and compliance training and confidential and anonymous hotlines, meeting Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and other regulatory and reporting needs.
  • Insperity Payroll Conversion: is a simple platform designed to reduce the time and costs of data entry and duplicate efforts when processing payroll.
  • Integrify: a browser based workflow platform that enables organizations to create and follow processes to improve visibility and reduce costs.
  • Jet Reports: integrates all of your Microsoft Dyanmics NAV data and utilizes all of Excel's capabilities to create high impact reports. 
  • Microsoft Dynamic NAV: integrates with Serenic Navigator and Jet Reports to deliver a comprehensive solution for addressing financial management challenges facing nonprofit organizations.
  • PolicyTech: an automated software solution that manages your corporate policies including review, version control, and, most-importantly, distribution to employees.
  • Saviom: enables organizations to manage and schedule resources across multiple projects and provides a central system with real-time information from all areas of your organization.
  • Serenic Navigator: a robust financial and operational management software solution designed specifically for nonprofit organizations
  • UltiPro: provides a centralized platform for performing day-to-day HR activities, including on-boarding, benefits enrollment, performance management, and compensation planning.

NeoSystems leverages the capabilities of these tools, and uses our expertise to integrate them to give you better visibility into all of your back office operations. In addition, NeoSystems is an authorized reseller of all of these products.

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