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Smart companies are focusing more and more on back-office operations to improve internal operations, propel revenue growth, and accelerate business growth. For many commercial businesses, the solution is outsourcing their back-office functions through NeoSystems.

NeoSystems delivers strategic back-office solutions and best-in-class systems integration and back office software implementation to a wide variety of commercial businesses. From eCommerce startups to enterprise software companies, NeoSystems provides an expert team of leading technical and functional professionals, and the world's leading cloud-based business management software solution suites to bringing increased functionality to your business operations.

Our variety of services and solutions helps businesses of all types benefit by:

  • Increasing Accuracy: Back-office software support systems improve a business’ overall financial planning accuracy through accounting and financial tracking software, reducing redundant data entry and maximizing operational results.
  • Improving Efficiency: Back-office processes automate many minor daily functions, minimizing the amount of repetitive labor needed to keep an organization going resulting in improved efficiency.
  • Expanding Reporting: Functions like back-office financial management and human capital management expand an organization's reporting functions, investigating patterns and identifying potential anomalies and inefficiencies, and provide insight into improvements.
  • Improving Analyses: In turn, the improved reporting and automated data collection functions accomplished by back-office management software expands analytic functions, improving business’ intelligence so that y business risk and opportunity is readily identifiable

Adaptive Insights is an all-in-one performance management software designed to help with budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting, and more.

Back-office Software Products

NeoSystems offers wide array of cutting-edge business, financial and human capital performance management software and solutions designed to enhance accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and performance reporting capabilities. The software we provide our customers has been hand-selected based on our own personal experience using these tools with clients in our highly specialized industries--government contracting, non-profit organizations, and commercial business. Our teams of certified developers, engineers, technologists and consultants tailor these best-in-class applications to meet the unique business needs of our clients.

Here are some the products that we support and recommend:

  • Abila: a comprehensive, best-in-class membership management software that supports registrations, renewals, and much more.
  • Adaptive Insights: a cloud-based financial planning, budgeting and forecasting tool that offers a collaborative process and instant data updates across the system
  • ContractLogix: a centralized system to keep track of all your contracts, with historical data to help generate new business.
  • Corporate Focus: an automated, secure equity reporting system that enables you to stay compliant with equity regulations.
  • Ethical Advocate: provides comprehensive ethics and compliance solutions, including ethics and compliance training and confidential and anonymous hotlines, meeting Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and other regulatory and reporting needs.
  • IBM Cognos: a web-based business intelligence and planning application, specifically designed for project-driven enterprises and government contractors to centrally manage standard and individualized reports and make it easier for users across an organization to get the information they need to make better business decisions.
  • Insperity Payroll Conversion: a simple platform designed to reduce the time and costs of data entry and duplicate efforts when processing payroll.
  • Integrify: a browser-based workflow platform that enables organizations to create and follow processes to improve visibility and reduce costs.
  • Jet Reports: integrates all of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data and utilizes all of Excel's capabilities to create high impact reports.
  • Policy & Procedure Manager: an online, web-based software application that will capture your organization’s policies and procedures, many of which are required to pass government compliance regulations and standards, and present them to employees for protocol through a web-based portal.
  • Saviom: enables organizations to manage and schedule resources across multiple projects and provides a central system with real-time information from all areas of your organization.
  • UltiPro: Ultimate Software’s UltiPro provides a centralized platform for performing day-to-day HR activities, including onboarding, benefits enrollment, performance management, and compensation planning.

NeoSystems leverages the extensive capabilities of these tools and uses our expertise to implement and integrate them seamlessly into your organization’s existing workflows, enabling organizations and businesses to make the most of advanced technology with combined visibility into all of your back-office software management operations. NeoSystems provides back-office software hosting and consulting services which take the burden of cloud configuration and security, and streamlines these solutions to best serve our clients. We are an authorized reseller of these products and enable a comprehensive, least-disruptive, cost-effective back office offering from the spectrum of leading back-office technology.

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