Abila Social CRM for Non-profit Organizations

Is your association challenged with having to use multiple member management systems to create and send personalized messages, register people for events, and maintain member data? Is your organization looking for ways to harness your social media efforts to support your organization’s long-term strategies? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a complete system that brings together social media, analytics, accounting, and member data management?

NeoSystems provides the non-profit community with an industry-leading solution: Abila Social CRM. With over 20 years of systems integration experience and expertise, we offer competitive and comprehensive best-in-class membership management software to streamline the most tedious member management processes.

For non-profit organizations, Abila Social CRM can:

  • Enhance your community outreach by combining your existing member and constituent data with social media, accounting, and analytics
  • Reduce marketing costs for membership recruitment, events, and fundraising drives by building online buzz through social media
  • Streamline your internal processes for managing data on members and constituents, social media, accounting, and financial analysis, saving time for your staff.

Abila Social CRM for Nonprofit Organizations

Abila Social CRM is a suite of tools for comprehensive constituent management designed especially for non-profit organizations. With membership data management, community, social media, and analytics solutions, Abila Social CRM helps organizations build loyalty, trust, and mutual value.

By centralizing these tools in one database, Abila Social CRM helps non-profit organizations leverage existing constituent and member data and their social media interactions to enhance and build upon mission and goals. NeoSystems can implement a solution that adapts to your non-profit’s specific needs, with scalable functionality and frequent upgrades to relieve the IT burden from your staff.

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