Contract Logix™ for Non-profit Organizations

In recent years, the non-profit community has experienced increasing demands for governance, accountability, and transparency. Requirements from all directions have made a maze of separating who needs to do what and when. Bridging the gap between accounting information and compliance requirements is essential to stay afloat and grow your mission – especially with dealing with grants, donors, watchdog groups and state and federal governments.

NeoSystems offers a unique contract management service designed specifically for non-profit organizations. We use Contract Logix™ with our service to facilitate, maintain and optimize extensive management processes involved with complex contracts. We prepare the necessary cost and administrative responses for contracts and grant agreements to increase your probability of winning new funding.

Our Contract Logix services for non-profit organizations include the following contract types:

  • Contract and grant agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements

Capabilities with Contract Logix include:

  • Facilitating the management of cost plus, time-and-material, and fixed price agreements
  • In some cases, managing GSA schedules and various contract vehicles

Our service with Contract Logix provides immediate access to copies of your agreements, key dates and contract values, work-flow scheduling, and automatic e-mail notification of time-sensitive requirements.

From administrative staff to department and executive teams, our service with Contract Logix is easy to use and increases efficiency organization-wide.

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