Corporate Focus for Government Contractors

Is it a challenge for your HR and finance staff to maintain the complex records associated with equity administration? Is your current system completely accurate, with no risk of data entry or calculation errors or inconsistent information? What if you had an automated, secure equity reporting system that could help you stay compliant with equity regulations?

NeoSystems develops and implements Corporate Focus for clients to help streamline processes for efficiency, while reducing your costs and anticipating company growth.

Our Corporate Focus implementation benefits include:

  • Compliance with legal, tax, financial and regulatory requirements with mapping compliance data
  • Increased accuracy with a single, secure data source based on real-time, live data
  • Reduced administrative costs and burden with a centralized system and automated calculations

Corporate Focus for Government Contractors

Corporate Focus is a software system for equity administration, accounting, and compliance for privately held companies. This solution can track any type of equity on any vesting schedule and provide documentation on fair value, capitalization, and more—and is compliant with ASC Topic 718 (formerly FAS 123R).

NeoSystems implements Corporate Focus to help government contractors document ownership structures for audits and comply with the options expensing rules in ASC Topic 718. We help you automate your equity management process, replacing spreadsheet chaos with comprehensive reporting for live and historical data.

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