Indirect Rates in Deltek First - GCS Premier - The Basics

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Indirect Rates in Deltek First/GCS Premier® - The Basics will inform you on the government regulations that must be adhered to and how to categorize and allocate indirect costs across jobs in Excel. Once the basics of rate calculations are learned, we'll discuss how to apply those concepts when using Deltek First/GCS Premier.This course held over two days in three-hour long webinar sessions

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Upcoming course dates:

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Learning objectives for this course include:

  • Describe the indirect rate calculation
  • List the types of costs the are typically indirect
  • Describe the costs usually found in the Fringe Benefits, Overhead, and G&A pools
  • Discuss the applicability of different allocation bases
  • Describe the difference between a pool and a service center
  • Describe how one pool can flow into another
  • Be able to calculate the indirect rates for a simple set of pools

This is a two-part basic level course and does not require a prerequisite or advanced preparation. This course will be held via webinar with log-in details sent within 48 hours of the course start time.

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