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As a next step, you might want to Compare Vendors!

If you are in the process of evaluating your third-party ERP implementation partners, you’ll likely want to consider putting together a checklist to cover the vital selection requirement questions that will impact your system implementation success both in the short and long-term. Get a head-start with our selection comparison template. We’ve formatted it to make it easy for you to compare vendors with some high-level questions and scoring. 

Functional Scoring Can Include:

  • Firm's methodologies (proprietary and based on experience)
  • Use of industry best practices
  • Cultural fit with your best practices
  • Ability to leverage a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to ERP engagements

Download our template for more information!

     Software Requirements

"The rise of digital business has added a new layer to an already complicated vendor landscape. New technologies, delivery models, and production practices such as bimodal IT and the Internet of Things create new sourcing challenges." 

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