Deltek Cobra and Open Plan

NeoSystems Corp uses Deltek Cobra™ and Open Plan™ as part of our Financial Planning and Analysis services.

Deltek Cobra™

Deltek Cobra™ is earned value management (EVM) software that helps manage project costs, measure earned value, and analyze budgets, actuals, and forecasts. For government contractors who must meet strict federal requirements for reporting, Cobra™ provides a complete solution with an easy-to-use interface, compliant report templates, and customizable reports for management-level review.

Deltek Open Plan™

Deltek Open Plan™ is project management software that provides multi-project analysis, critical path planning, and resource management. Designed to manage complete medium to large or multiple projects, Open Plan™ provides a powerful solution to help government contractors bring projects in on time and on budget.

Open Plan™ offers tools for business, resource, and project managers to help all these participants manage budgets, resources, and time across projects and across your company. Open Plan™ enables these teams to allocate resources more effectively and share key information across projects, helping you improve your success company-wide.

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