Ethical Advocate for Government Contractors

Government contractors are not exempt from fraudulent activity and must protect themselves internally by demonstrating they have excellent compliance programs.

NeoSystems Offers Ethical Advocate as part of our Policy and Procedure Management Services, which serves to equip businesses with confidential incident reporting and tools to analyze and pinpoint vulnerabilities.

We offer customized solutions for clients specific risk exposures and structure Ethical Advocate to meet the increasingly changing needs of government contractors. Our services include:

  • Hotline and ethics trainings assuring the highest level compliance with the FAR 3.10 Contractor Code of Business Ethics requirements
  • Compliance with the revised OMB Circular No. A-123 mandate on "Establishing Management Controls"
  • Compliance with the OGE mandate requiring employees to disclose waste, fraud, abuse, or corruption
  • For agencies and contractors that require FISMA compliance to meet Federal Data Security Requirements, Ethical Advocate has the only recognized FISMA compliant, 24/7, multi-lingual anonymous hotline service, EthicsVault, offering the highest data and system security position possible.

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