Ethical Advocate for Non-profit Organizations

In today’s challenging business environment, nonprofits lose over $10 billion annually to fraud. Unfortunately, a substantial amount can be attributed to internal staff and senior management. Given that non-profits rely so heavily on external financial support, their integrity, and evidence that this support is properly utilized, is paramount.

While no system can completely prevent fraud, Ethical Advocate allows for employees to act as the first line of defense to alert management of misconduct. And, with Ethical Advocate’s highly customizable system, management teams can easily analyze critical data to determine risk exposures.

Benefits of the NeoSystems Ethical Advocate Service:

  • Ensure Your Organization Meets Regulatory Compliance
  • Transforming Part VI of into a competitive Form 990 with 24/7/365 Employee Fraud Hotline
  • Encripted website reporting
  • User friendly, robust, reporting and analytical capability
  • Meets HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, and other regulatory requirements
  • custom designed reporting categories to directly address your organization’s specific risk factors

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