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NeoSystems Corporation

About NeoSystems

About NeoSystems

NeoSystems LLC (formerly NeoSystems Corp.) understands back office management. In many of our clients’ companies and organizations, management and staff are often spread too thin. They have enough on their plates with their main responsibilities that contribute to their mission and their bottom line. Our services provide the technology, best practices, and expert professionals to manage the details of your back office operations.

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Our Mission

We strive to enable our clients to grow, assisting them in becoming more profitable, efficient, and better equipped to win new business. Our solutions allow businesses and organizations to focus on what they do best—serving their customers, growing their businesses, and fulfilling their missions.

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Our Clients

At NeoSystems, we specialize in serving the following types of organizations:

  • Small companies or nonprofit organizations that need a robust, fully scalable back office to support their growth initiatives
  • Medium-sized organizations that have some in-house capability but need to augment internal staff with additional expertise and technical resources
  • Large commercial companies with federal divisions who need business systems that comply with government regulations
  • Foreign-owned corporations that seek to establish a U.S.-based office to do business with the federal government


Our Location

With NeoSystems, your organization will save time and money while benefiting from access to skilled professionals, the latest in software solutions, and an advanced technical infrastructure. And while you’re saving time and money, you can focus on growing ahead. Now that’s a smart idea.

Corporate Office
11107 Sunset Hills Rd., Suite 100
Reston, VA 20190
Phone: (571) 234-4940 or (888) 676-6367
Fax: (571) 234-4948

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