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7 Steps to Minimizing Your Costpoint 7 Risk – Part 1

September 10, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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I’ve spent more than a decade providing services for Costpoint clients. During that timeframe, Costpoint has been enhanced from version 2.x to 7.x and I’ve witnessed many approaches for upgrading to each version. On one end of the spectrum, some companies upgraded directly to production with little or no testing. On the other end, some have fully planned for and managed the project, often taking six months or longer to complete. Which approach is best for your company greatly depends on your size, number of end users, and compliance requirements.

Whether you plan to execute your Costpoint 7 upgrade across a timeline of a couple of weeks or several months, you’ll need to minimize the impact it has on your current operations. In the first part of a two part series, I’ve outlined a few tips that will help you minimize your risks and improve your chances of success.

    1. Plan your upgrade – Take the time to sit down and create a plan regardless of the expected duration of your project. Questions you need to consider include:
      • Do I need new hardware?
      • Who will perform the upgrade?
      • What needs to be tested?
      • Who will execute the testing?
    2. Evaluate your technical environment – It’s likely that your existing servers will not support the upgrade to Costpoint 7. Due to the new technical requirements, you may have to upgrade your operating software, database software, and workstation software before you begin your Costpoint 7 upgrade. Make sure you explore all your options, including:
      • Hosting solutions with a third-party provider
      • Re-purposing existing hardware
      • Buying new hardware
      • Leasing hardware
    3. Train the end users – Acceptance by the end users is critical to the success of the Costpoint 7 upgrade. The Costpoint 7 user interface has changed significantly with new icons and new ways to interact within the applications. Deploying Costpoint 7 to the end users without providing training will likely have a significant impact on the success of the upgrade.
    4. Evaluate Costpoint 7 user security – Deltek has provided tools that will allow existing security to be upgraded in Costpoint 7. However, Costpoint 7 contains many new security enhancements and modifications. So, the tools Deltek has provided may not translate all of your security settings. We recommend a full evaluation of your Costpoint 7 security setup prior to moving into a production environment.

Check back in later this week when we’ll cover the additional steps for mitigating your Costpoint 7 upgrade risk, including parameters, process servers, and testing.

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