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Are You Really Protected?

February 13, 2014 | BY: NeoSystems
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Have you thought recently about which Anti-Virus product should you use for your company? You’ll be surprised to find that most companies just assume that having an AV product installed is all they need. Set it and forget it, right? Not exactly. Technically, some products are better than others and every year you hear about the latest and greatest reviews that attest to this product’s technically superiority. Without getting into the bits and bytes maybe you should consider another angle.

When someone in the company gets a virus or malware on their computer who gets notified? In many companies (especially those on a smaller scale) only the end user gets notified. This is where the conflict of interest arises. The end user has a job to do and taking time out of their day to deal with a virus or malware is nowhere on the schedule.  If their computer will function, the end user will likely click “ok” a couple times and go about their day. If they are lucky the AV software was able to clean the threat. If not, it could only be a matter of time before greater damage occurs.

There are numerous ways that you can solve this issue. One of our recommendations is finding a company that provides a cloud based AV service with the capability to notify an internal or external IT support representative. This can come from a company that solely provides cloud based AV or an outsourced IT company that runs their AV client through their remote monitoring and management (RMM) system. If a system is exposed to a threat, technicians monitoring the RMM will be able to analyze the threat and make sure it is dealt with promptly and properly to ensure no long term damage. Additional benefits of using AV supplied by an outsourced IT provider, is never having to worry about your AV subscription expiring. With AV protection as part of a RMM service agreement the protection continues in step with your agreement. Another benefit, if virus definitions become dated the RMM tool throws an alert to notify technicians. Would an end user even know where to go to find their AV definitions? With the cost of AV as part of a RMM service agreement being comparable to a standalone products annual subscription why not take advantage of the added benefits.

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