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Enhancing Costpoint Functionality with Extensibility

March 05, 2014 | BY: NeoSystems
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Are you finding areas of Costpoint functionality that you would like to work differently?  Perhaps increased requirements due to compliance or audit regulations?  Or desires to align Costpoint with your current and/or future business processes?  Costpoint functionality has increased dramatically since earlier versions, but there are still areas for improvement and alignment.

During Costpoint 7.0.1 upgrades, we continue to hear how companies using Costpoint are challenged with functionality and how they use intermediary manual processes, or other scripts or automations to fill in the gaps.

Deltek Costpoint Extensibility is a tool that continues to provide solutions to the most challenging functional limitations.  Take for example a simple Purchase Order.  In prior versions of Costpoint as well as the current version 7.0.1, you can modify purchase orders when they are in the “Open” status.  For most organizations this is very problematic from an audit perspective and can expose a company to unknown fraudulent activities.

When utilizing Costpoint Extensibility to increase functionality gaps and align applications with business processes, you can see its unlimited potential.


cp functionality

Design an extensibility that will alert buyers that Purchase Order updates are not allowed unless a change order is created.  This ensures you can maintain version control.  You can also include approval processes and notifications as part of your extensibility enhancement.

To further your extensibility and functionality, your organization may have the need to apply rules and validations based on roles, groups, or even individual users, allowing increased functionality across a company.

As you begin your journey into the world of Costpoint Extensibility, think of all of your current functional workarounds, business processes (manual or automated), and automations that could be replaced by enhancing Costpoint functionality with extensibilities so you can greatly impact the user experience.

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