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In today’s fiercely competitive market, is your organization constantly searching for ways to gain the advantage over competitors? Smart organizations are paying more attention to their strategic back office operations.

Eagle Ray

July 31, 2018 | BY: NeoSystems

A Government Contractor Testimonial

Program Management. Quality Assurance. IT Governance and Oversight. These competencies are among the many strengths of Eagle Ray, a woman-owned small business headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia. As part of CEO Babs Doherty’s growth plan, Eagle Ray wanted to compete for Cost-plus contracts and evaluate merger and acquisition opportunities. Eagle Ray’s back office, however, was not built to address these complexities.

Cost Accounting. DCAA Compliance. Scalability. Eagle Ray found these qualities in NeoSystems – a strategic back office service provider headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia. With NeoSystems’ Managed Accounting Services, Eagle Ray has instant insight into the impact that its business decisions had on compliance. Ms. Doherty gained an accurate, detailed, and direct view into her company’s financial performance through leveraging NeoSystems’ staff, software investments, and secure, private cloud.

So, where is Eagle Ray today? And how has NeoSystems grown alongside the company in the process? Watch the Eagle Ray-Managed Accounting Services Testimonial to find out!

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