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Industry CMMC Readiness Summit: Part 2

April 22, 2021 | BY: Cece Messerschmidt
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This conference has been designed to bring together the defense industrial base and the greater government contracting community for an afternoon of in-depth education around the path to achieving CMMC. The 4-Session summit will provide legal and compliance updates and insights, how to move beyond the “what” to the “how”, gaining and maintaining an audit-readiness posture: cloud adoption, managed security vs DIY. This stellar program provides trusted advice from industry-leading experts who stand at the forefront of thought leadership and early adoption.

Key Takeaways:

  • How we are defending forward in 2021 with supply chain vulnerability and critical infrastructure in mind.
  • How cloud adoption can accelerate your CMMC compliance strategy.
  • “Who” to ask “what” and “when” for help – with the “why” and “how”: decisively and strategically making the necessary changes to align with CMMC, which is the foundation to defending your business.
  • Key differences between soliciting a vendor and doing it yourself.
  • What industry software giants advise in managed security tech stacks.
  • Updated on key impacts of the Solar Winds and Microsoft Exchange attacks, and how we accelerate our readiness against future attacks of this magnitude.

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