Process Automation and Workflow with Integrify

traceable · consistent · secure · auditable · efficient · flexible = integrify

If you are running your business using manual processes and emails for approvals, you are likely impacting cash flow, labor rates and overall profitability. No matter what your business or system you are using, enhanced workflow and process automation can streamline your operations and fulfill compliance and audit requirements in as little as a few clicks!

We develop workflows using industry-leading Integrify for:

  • Faster Approvals: eliminate time spent finding supporting documentation
  • Consistent Policy Execution: eliminate user error
  • Audits: documented process optimization
  • Proactive Alert and Notifications
  • Subcontractor and consultant planning
  • Traceable performance with easy to use, custom-built forms

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Are you local to the DC Metro Area? Ask us about our upcoming Process Automation Workshop on August 2, featuring Integrify!