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Automate Credit Card Payments

Automate Credit Card Payments with GovCardConnect

  • GovCardConnect supports all major credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa…
  • GovCardConnect accepts personal credit cards, corporate cards, and GSA SmartPay purchase cards.
  • GovCardConnect integrates with Costpoint 7 to pull the necessary data to complete the transaction.

Process Invoices in Seconds!

Government purchase cards require providing invoice data – including all the line item details (Level 3 data).  With GovCardConnect, the Level 3 data – 12 additional entries per line item – are automatically pulled from Costpoint with just four clicks:

  1. Select the customer
  2. Select the invoice
  3. Select which credit card to charge
  4. Hit submit!

Done!  Minutes become seconds!  Watch the demo to see a full Level 3 charge card transaction.

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