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With the NeoConcurConnect integration tool, users can now bridge the divide between SAP Concur and Deltek Costpoint for a 360-degree view of expenses.

NeoConcurConnect extends the integration capabilities between SAP Concur and Deltek Costpoint. It effectively provides a bridge for data to pass back and forth, and allows SAP Concur to enforce the business rules while enabling applications to programmatically import, manage, and export data – working seamlessly across diverse sets of applications – thereby greatly improving efficiency and accuracy.

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Now you can stop entering your expenses into two separate systems. You get a complete view of your spending with tight integration between SAP Concur and Deltek Costpoint. Government contractors of all sizes can accurately and predictably manage their travel and other expenses with an automated data synchronization, giving them a consistent and up-to-date look at their finances.

Post expense data directly from Concur into Deltek Costpoint, allowing you to process your employee reimbursements significantly faster, which is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

NeoConcurConnect provides many integration points between SAP Concur and Deltek Costpoint including:

  • Employee Export (standard employee information flows from Costpoint to Concur)
  • Project Assignment (employee project assignments flow to Concur)
  • Approved Expenses (approved expenses flow to Costpoint as AP vouchers)
  • Paid Expenses (paid expense report confirmations flow to Concur)


Costpoint Integration with SAP Concur Expense

The NeoConcurConnector for Costpoint eliminates duplicate data entry in multiple systems and the delays of manual exports, providing a quick, simple and accurate way to process expense transactions in Costpoint. Plus, you can post financial transactions and payments faster in Costpoint.

  • Direct Costpoint integration delivers updated data for faster reimbursements
  • Eliminate manual non-compliant processes such as fi le downloads and uploads
  • Minimize data posting errors; automation keeps master data in both systems in sync


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