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As an IBM Business Partner, NeoSystems offers an entire suite of business intelligence and financial performance management software designed to enhance budgeting, forecasting, and reporting capabilities. Our teams of certified developers tailor these best-in-class applications to meet the unique business needs of our clients.

Here are just some of the products in the IBM family that we specialize in:

  • Cognos BA: A family of integrated business intelligence, predictive analytics, and performance management software. Cognos BA provides insight into your business to help you quickly identify new opportunities, respond to changing situations faster, and improve competitive advantage.
  • Cognos BI: A centralized platform for helping organizations comprehensively analyze and report data. Cognos BI features the ability to write reports and draw upon data more quickly, allowing for better business decision making.
  • Cognos TM1: A high-performance, enterprise-wide solution for analyzing complex models. Cognos TM1 is completely scalable and designed to grow with your organization. It includes an unlimited number of data sets.
  • Cognos Planning: A budgeting and forecasting solution that increases planning efficiencies. Cognos Planning brings on-demand visibility to your company’s key performance indicators.
  • Cognos Predictive Analytics/SPSS: An application designed to help anticipate business drivers and analyze past performances. Predictive Analytics identifies trends so organizations can plan and carry out strategies that improve outcomes.
  • Cognos Express: A mid-market solution that integrates BI and planning solutions. With Cognos Express, companies focus on the essentials—reporting, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, planning, budgeting, and forecasting—at an affordable price.

NeoSystems leverages the capabilities of the IBM Cognos tools in our financial planning and analysis services for government contractors and commercial businesses. In addition, NeoSystems is an authorized reseller of IBM products.

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