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NeoSystems leverages the power of Ultimate Software’s UltiPro® in our Managed Accounting Services offering, integrating payroll functions with best-in-class accounting applications, including NetSuite, Deltek Costpoint® and Deltek GCS Premier®. UltiPro® integrates to ANY ERP system, to expedite processes for HR, payroll, benefits, and time management that save businesses time and money.

What is UltiPro®?

UltiPro unites all aspects of HR, payroll, and HR talent management. A world-renowned leading solution, UltiPro is a strategic, end-to-end Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that streamlines the entire employee life cycle, from recruitment to retirement. UltiPro provides a centralized platform for performing day-to-day HR activities, including on-boarding, benefits enrollment, performance management, and compensation planning.

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How UltiPro Can Help Your Organization

UltiPro Performance Management is a highly configurable solution that assesses performance and gathers feedback on an ongoing basis. This solution enables organizations to obtain an understanding of employees’ competencies, identify and reduce gaps, and plan for future workforce needs, resulting in better talent retention and business results. Entire business teams have access to using this software for streamlining operations throughout the HR department.

The NeoSystems solution with UltiPro® will help organizations to:

  • Create competency-based employee development goals
  • Identify high-performing employees for key positions
  • Assess employee performance against objectives and review progress at any time
  • Collect multi-contributor feedback for a full picture of an employee’s performance

NeoSystems Competitive Advantage:

Our pre-built ERP systems integration simplifies your data processes and takes the burden off customers who are looking for a comprehensive yet timely integration. UltiPro integrates with enterprise-wide functions, creating seamless processing and flexible, data solutions for any sized business.

At NeoSystems, we also use UltiPro as part of our HR Management Services, integrating your payroll functions with best-in-class accounting applications, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Serenic Navigator, Deltek Costpoint and Deltek GCS Premier®.

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UltiPro for Government Contractors

With fluctuating workforces, government contractors need to effectively manage their HR and payroll processes in order to quickly fulfill new business opportunities. Businesses also need to recruit and retain high-quality talent to stay competitive and meet their customers’ needs. UltiPro provides a single-source HRMS that enhances the employee and manager experience and connects employee performance with overall business strategy.

Why Government Contractors Need UltiPro:

  • Top-performing, seamless integration to Deltek Costpoint and Deltek GCS Premier systems
  • The leading solution that effectively streamlines the recruiting and onboarding process
  • Hassle-free payroll processing from start to finish, including retrieving time and attendance data, calculating pay and taxes, and generating direct deposit files and paychecks
  • Reduced time and costs by automated employee benefits enrollment processes
  • Analyze contract workforce data to ensure compliance with government contracts

UltiPro for Nonprofit Organizations

Non-profits must account for every dollar invested in administration to comply with government regulations and satisfy donor requests. UltiPro®’s reporting capabilities allow non-profit organizations to respond quickly to external requests for information and workforce analytics.

UltiPro for Commercial Businesses

Payroll and HR processes can be expensive and labor-intensive operations for businesses that need to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. The industry’s leading human capital solution, UltiPro® offers comprehensive HR, payroll, and benefits administration functionality that is flexible enough for a wide variety of businesses to help them grow in a competitive environment.

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