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NeoSystems Corporation

Email Protection Services

NeoSystems offers hosted email services for organizations in any industry, of any size.

Fitting Your Organizations Needs

email protection services

Email is critical to your organization for communicating with clients, vendors, donors, partners, and many other key contacts. Our experienced IT professionals custom design an email solution that fits your organization’s needs for secure, accessible email with minimal downtime. With our services for hosted email, you can enjoy enterprise-level email services without the costs of hosting and managing them.

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Hosted Email Solutions through NeoSystems

Our hosted services offer a cost-effective, convenient solution for your email requirements. Some features of our email services include:

  • Managed access for users for safe, secure communication within and outside your organization
  • Anywhere, anytime online access to email across devices
  • Email backups for ease of use and disaster recovery
  • Cost savings for outsourcing email services rather than managing them in-house
  • Online collaboration tools such as calendars and meeting scheduling

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