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Automate your accounts payable approval process and increase efficiency.

Automation to Increase Efficiency

NeoFlow Payables is a web-based solution that automates the accounts payable approval business process from invoice through coding, approval, vouchering, and payment. The system is fully integrated with Deltek Costpoint and creates efficiencies through proactive routing, reminders, and validation triggers. You can save time through automated routing based on existing Deltek Costpoint data, and through reminders to push the process forward. It captures all steps of the process with the name of the task recipient, date and time of completion, and data captured in the step.

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By leveraging Deltek Costpoint web services, this web-based system allows for real-time data pulls and validation. NeoFlow Payables provides complete insight into the accounts payable process from vendor invoice through payment.

Process automation:

  • Provide the ability to use data already entered in Deltek Costpoint
  • Route vendor invoices based on Deltek Costpoint roles
  • Code AP with validated Deltek Costpoint data
  • Leverage all rules and requirements for voucher creation from Deltek Costpoint
  • Validate data inputs to improve accuracy and efficient processing

Benefits to your organization:

  • Save Time – Reuse Deltek Costpoint data to route for approvals and provide information to approvers.
  • Stay Compliant – Capture each step with who completed, date, time, and relevant data.
  • Be Consistent – Eliminate paper, manual processes with a flexible, scalable, repeatable, automated solution.

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