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Policy & Procedure Manager

Automate Your Document Lifecycle With Policy and Procedure Manager

NeoSystems leverages Policy and Procedure Manager (PPM) to automate the entire accounting document life cycle and eliminates the stress involved in policy management, governance, and compliance. PPM creates ethical integrity and mitigates risks in your workplace.

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NeoSystems PPM services

NeoSystems’ Services for Policy and Procedure Management

NeoSystems uses PPM to centralize and automate your internal controls. The benefits of our service include:

  • Access to an online library of template policies that adhere to government regulations for maintaining an ethical workplace
  • Electronic monitoring of employee comprehension
  • Anonymous hotline reporting
  • Best practices training

Our flexible approach provides for on-site or remote support on a part-time, full-time, or project basis. This method ensures cost-effective and efficient policy and procedure management support in compliance with federal requirements. PPM helps foster an organization-wide culture based on ethical practices.

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Benefits to Specialized Industries

Government contracting businesses need to keep pace with the requirements that come with bidding on—and winning—lucrative contracts. NeoSystems leverages the PPM service to ensure that businesses meet the FAR-compliant ethical reporting standards that are essential for passing DCAA audits.

Nonprofit organizations are under increasing pressure to keep pace with demands for transparency, accountability, and governance. PPM helps transform these burdens with a customizable system for meeting federal regulations.

For commercial businesses, our experts tailor policies and procedures to align your business with industry-proven best practices that act as the first line of defense against crippling financial losses.

Ethical Advocate

In conjunction with our Full-Scope Managed Accounting Services, businesses have access to Ethical Advocate, which provides a medium for hotline reporting.

Ethical Advocate provides a 24/7/365 anonymous incident reporting hotline to keep your organization in line with best practices. This highly customizable system enables employees to report possible violations through an online support center or over the phone.

This hotline for anonymous incident reporting helps nonprofit organizations and government contractors meet federal mandates for transparency, including:

  • Part VI of Form 990 for nonprofits
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 3.10 for government contractors

Ethical Advocate software

While no system can completely prevent fraud, Ethical Advocate enables employees to act as the first line of defense to alert management of misconduct. And, with Ethical Advocate’s highly customizable system, management teams can easily analyze critical data to determine risk exposures.

NeoSystems uses both these products to manage risks and maintain compliance for your organization. In addition, NeoSystems offers these products in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, an economic alternative to purchasing the software outright.

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