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Deltek Costpoint Services Showcase

Deltek Costpoint Software Solution


Costpoint is a leading enterprise management software solution designed specifically for project-based businesses. Deltek Costpoint software empowers businesses to run more efficiently and profitably—by enabling teams to track, identify, and manage projects. Deltek Costpoint is the leading accounting and reporting system that makes regulatory compliance easy, and audits quick and efficient.

Deltek Costpoint Software: Purpose-Built Accounting Functionality

  • Enhance project and financial management to drive profitability
  • Automate sophisticated financial processes to shorten billing cycles and get paid faster
  • Obtain accurate, up-to-date information to enhance decision making and improve forecasting and budgeting
  • Focus on strategic HR activities instead of the manual processes that waste time
  • Combine all project and organizational information from multiple sources into one reporting platform Transform your data into a visual snapshot to easily monitor business performance
  • Enable businesses to automate mission-critical processes and increase competitive advantage

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Benefits of Deltek Costpoint Software

Costpoint software offers government contractors unparalleled project management, accounting, labor, reporting and compliance capabilities and is the leading platform for project management, and has earned the trust of federal agencies and their auditors.

With Deltek Costpoint, businesses will have a holistic view of projects and better cost control to accelerate business plans and maintain growth. Costpoint system users have seen:

  • Revenue increases of 9–20%
  • Profit increases of 10–25%
  • DSO reductions of 10–12 days

Improve visibility into every aspect of your business with dashboards and ad hoc queries that can be saved and shared, and fully interactive reports with extensive detail and mobile access.

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NeoSystems’ Deltek Costpoint Support Services

NeoSystems offers comprehensive Deltek Costpoint software support services to create system efficiencies for government contractors and commercial businesses. We are a Deltek Premier Partner and our team of Costpoint experts has years of experience as both users and Deltek consultants. Our goal is to provide key resources with more accurate, real-time information that leads to smarter decisions, and to help you get the most from your Deltek Costpoint system.


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Our Costpoint services include:

Deltek Costpoint Consulting

NeoSystems provides a range of support services to help GovCons get the most out of their Costpoint system, including Deltek consulting services. Our team of Deltek Costpoint consultants has 700+ years of total ERP experience, performing countless integrations, migrations and re-implementations.

Costpoint Assessments

NeoSystems offers assessment services to help your organization get the most out of your Deltek Costpoint software. Our team of experts reviews current modules and settings, determines if company needs are being addressed, and provides reports and recommendations for enhancing the Costpoint system utilization.

Costpoint Optimizations

NeoSystems specializes in Deltek Costpoint system optimizations for government contractors, including system optimization reviews, module-specific reviews, and new and unused functionality analysis. Our optimization services allow GovCons to get the most out of their Costpoint software and streamline their system processing.

Costpoint 8 Upgrades

Ensure Costpoint 8 upgrade success with support services from NeoSystems. We have been assisting Deltek customers with upgrades for over 15 years. Our Costpoint 8 upgrade team can support your organizations with all your upgrade needs, from providing training to change management consulting, to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

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Costpoint Integrations

NeoSystems provides Costpoint integration services across a multitude of applications, allowing clients to enhance their baseline Costpoint systems. Our integration and extensibility solutions are available across a wide spectrum of applications including SAP Concur Expense, Workday Adaptive Planning, Integrify and smaller payroll, finance and human capital systems.

Tools to Extend Costpoint

NeoSystems partners with leading technology providers to offer best-in-class software and tools to help Government Contractors extend and enhance the capabilities of their Costpoint systems. Our connectors integrate these tools directly with Costpoint, enabling users to eliminate duplicate data entry and avoid costly mistakes.

Cognos Analytics for Costpoint

To maintain a competitive advantage, organizations today need to make real-time decisions based on reliant, consistent data housed in a centralized platform. IBM Cognos Analytics is the only BI software product to deliver a complete range of BI capabilities on a single, proven architecture. Features include reporting, analysis, score-carding, dashboards, business event management, and data integration. By leveraging IBM Cognos BI with Deltek Costpoint, organizations can unleash intelligence across all areas of their business and make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Business Process Improvement

NeoSystems offers expert business process improvement solutions for Federal Contractors and commercial businesses. By improving business workflows, organizations can increase efficiency, improve decision-making, reduce costs, and enhance overall growth. Our team of consultants provides expert business process improvement services, enhancing operational performance, driving competitive advantage and delivering greater value to the organization.

Change Management Services

Change management is an integral part of business transformations including back office system and software implementation. NeoSystems offers comprehensive change management services to assist Government Contractors and businesses with carrying out organizational transformations, achieving project objectives and minimizing business disruptions.

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