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Costpoint 8 Upgrade Support Services

Deltek Costpoint System Upgrade Services

When it comes to upgrading your Costpoint database, no two clients are alike. Why is that?  There are many factors including the different modules and features a client uses, 3rd party application interface considerations, control requirements, and the company’s general approach to risk determines the best approach for that client.

different clients need different approaches to costpoint upgrades

Determining the right time and approach for the upgrade can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. We have found that the following challenges, alone or in combination, drive most Costpoint clients to upgrade:

  • New functionality that comes with the upgrade (such as enhanced security capabilities)
  • The product is no longer supported or is in sustaining support meaning no new software enhancements, hot fixes, service packs, or regulatory updates of any kind for versions in this phase
  • Specific software issues have been fixed in the new version
  • The underlying platform the application is on is no longer supported

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The NeoSystems Costpoint 8 Upgrade Process

NeoSystems Costpoint Upgrade Services

Typically, most Costpoint clients wait 6 months to a year (or longer in some cases) to upgrade after a new version release. In many cases, upgrading to Costpoint 8 can have minimal disruptions to a company if they are only utilizing the core modules since much of the functionality has remained consistently stable between the versions.

NeoSystems assists clients with upgrading to Costpoint 8 by following a few simple steps:

  • Identify modules used and those affected by the upgrade
  • Identify High Risk areas to the company
  • Recommend upgrade approach that fits the company’s requirements (i.e. limit to no testing versus full integrated testing)
  • Utilize proven test plans and checklists
  • Assist client with questions and troubleshooting
  • Set the configuration for the new functionality (if desired)
  • Provide post-upgrade support as needed

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Ensure Costpoint System Upgrade Success With NeoSystems

NeoSystems Costpoint 8 Upgrade team offers tried and proven services to benefit clients by taking advantage of significant enhancements in the following Costpoint modules:

  • Contracts – specifically the addition of the Lead tracking areas
  • Planning – the ability to link new business budgets to opportunities in the Contracts module
  • Supplier Portal – added functionality to facilitate interfacing with your suppliers
  • Reports & Analytics – added artificial intelligence makes the system work for you
  • Time & Expense – intelligent character recognition to aid in expense

take advantage of these costpoint modules

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Upgrade to Costpoint 8 with NeoSystems

NeoSystems has been assisting Deltek customers for over 15 years upgrading from GCS to Costpoint, from Costpoint 6 to Costpoint 7, from Costpoint 7.0.1 to 7.1.1 and now 7.1.1 to Costpoint 8.  Throughout the years, the path to upgrade has remained consistent. We work with each individual client to identify the solution that fits their needs while bringing industry best practices to the upgrade. We also offer a FedRAMP Ready hosting service for Costpoint users who need to meet DFARS 7012 requirements for their Costpoint and 3rd party applications.

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Upgrade to Costpoint 8 with NeoSystems

Regardless of your company’s approach, NeoSystems can support you with all your Costpoint 8 Upgrade needs including providing training and change management expertise to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly. Contact us today or view our 30-minute webinar on demand for more information. 

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