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NeoSystems Corporation

NeoSystems Approach to CMMC and DFARS

As a leader in providing comprehensive solutions for Government Contractors, NeoSystems understands the significant challenges posed in satisfying DFARS 7012 and CMMC requirements, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses.

NIST 800-171 is a detailed framework that encompasses numerous technical controls and best practices. For small companies without the deep and broad technical expertise required for compliance, understanding and implementing these requirements can be overwhelming. Further, implementing robust security measures can sometimes slow down or impede business processes. We recognize that striking a balance between enhancing security and maintaining efficient operations is crucial for small companies.

Achieving compliance is just one milestone. Your company also needs to continuously maintain compliance in a constantly changing threat environment with evolving business needs, technology changes, and changes in compliance requirements.

NeoSystems Secure Work Environments

To address these challenges, NeoSystems delivers a choice of DFARS 7012 and CMMC Secure Work Environments that meet your business needs and fulfill compliance requirements. NeoSystems solutions are secure by design and purpose-built to address DFARS 7012 and CMMC technical requirements. Our technology tools and components have been thoroughly vetted. We also provide the documentation, policies, processes, practices, and training that you need as part of your CMMC compliance program.

Our solutions include Security Program Management, Endpoint Protection, Log Management, Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation, Workstation Management, Server Management, and Microsoft 365 Management to meet the control requirements including documentation and curation of evidence – NeoSystems solutions are audit-ready.

The Benefits of NeoSystems’ Approach Include:


  • Faster Path to Compliance: Our purpose-built solutions help you to achieve compliance efficiently and effectively, saving valuable time and resources.
  • No Upfront Capital Expense: With NeoSystems, there is no need for costly upfront investments in security tools or specialized staff.
  • Relief for IT Resources: Our experts help you navigate the complexities of compliance, supporting your IT team, so they can focus on core business tasks.
  • Reduced Audit Risk: By utilizing NeoSystems’ audited and proven solutions, you lower the risk of failing your compliance audit, safeguarding your revenue and reputation.
  • Demonstrable Evidence of how CMMC requirements are satisfied: NeoSystems’ solutions provide tangible evidence of how specific requirements have been addressed, helping you achieve audit readiness as well as positioning you as the contractor or subcontractor of choice for government contracts.

NeoSystems’ approach reduces your company’s burden in addressing CMMC and DFARS requirements. And for the controls that remain your responsibility, we provide a Neo-guided program to help you address those requirements. Once you achieve compliance, our continuous monitoring helps you to maintain compliance.

With NeoSystems’ approach, you can confidently focus on your contract deliverables, your customers, and their mission.

Our commitment to delivering solutions that align with your business goals and help you address CMMC and DFARS requirements empowers you to thrive in a highly competitive landscape while maintaining the highest standards of security and regulatory compliance. Choose NeoSystems today for an. affordable, accelerated, low-risk path to CMMC compliance.

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