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Continuous Monitoring and Evidence Curation

Modern organizations rely on an IT ecosystem to support efficiency in their processes, but these environments also make data vulnerable to threats. With continuous security monitoring (CSM) and evidence curation from NeoSystems, organizations can detect threats early, improve incident response and make their ecosystems more secure.

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Our Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

At NeoSystems, our continuous cybersecurity monitoring services ensure ongoing visibility of your organization’s security processes and compliance. There are two parts to our tailored CSM services:

  • Continuous monitoring: Our team evaluates your IT assets to determine their strength against cybersecurity threats. These monitoring processes include frequent vulnerability scans, risk assessments, threat alerts and standard operation procedure (SOP) development for threat response.
  • Evidence curation: This element of our CSM services encompasses documenting and maintaining a robust evidence trail of security controls and practices. By identifying these aspects of your cybersecurity infrastructure, your organization has auditable proof of compliance and can track changes as new threats emerge.

Continuous security monitoring is a vital aspect of Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance. These stringent requirements feature many obligations for data protection and system integrity, and CSM provides the transparency necessary to align with these standards. NeoSystems also helps to create a defined audit trail for CMMC auditing through evidence curation.

Why Choose NeoSystems for CSM Services?

With years of experience in our industry, NeoSystems has developed an expansive range of services that support organizations’ needs. Our focus areas include hosting, managed services, systems implementation and managed security.

On the managed security front, we focus on CMMC compliance for government contractors. While cybersecurity practices are critical for all organizations, government contractors face strict demands for data protection, threat mitigation and continuous monitoring. We’ve designed our managed security services to reflect these demands and help organizations remain compliant year after year.

Government contractors have varying needs and budgets. We offer fully scalable services with a focus on affordability to ensure our solutions meet your requirements without overextending your team financially. Our full suite of managed security services helps you fill your process gaps, from continuous monitoring to program development.

Get Started With Continuous Security Events Monitoring

Transparency and awareness are key practices in cybersecurity and CMMC compliance. NeoSystems informs your organization about cybersecurity performance and helps you respond appropriately to incoming threats. With our expertise in these areas, you can build a secure environment for your sensitive data and remain CMMC-compliant year after year. Get in touch with us today to get started with continuous cybersecurity monitoring.

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