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Let’s face it, managing your IT back-office can be difficult at times. Why not turn your IT burden into an organizational strength that can help satisfy compliance requirements and safeguard information, all while meeting the needs of all stakeholders in your organization? At NeoSystems, our clients rely on our responsive, highly-skilled information technology (IT) resources to efficiently manage their back-office operations.

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NeoSystems Outsourced Managed IT Services

Managed IT Solutions

Confidence. Flexibility. Efficiency. You can have them all with NeoSystems. Our managed IT solutions give you access to a dedicated, highly experienced team to make the most of your tech stack and guard crucial business data.

Network Design & Management

Uptime. Performance. Scalability. You'll enjoy the benefits of all three with our network design and management services. We optimize your system architecture for maximum functionality and productivity.

Remote Network Monitoring

Training. Defending. Reporting. Our expert teams provide your organization with the IT support services you need to operate confidently, securely and insightfully.

Data Protection & Backup

Availability. Accessibility. Integrity. They're more than buzzwords — they're the mission of our data protection, backup and recovery services. Our redundant solutions help you recover from natural and man-made disasters to support uninterrupted business services.

Email Protection

Collaboration. Communication. Defense. NeoSystems delivers them to organizations of all sizes with cost-effective, bespoke email solutions. Our hosted email and protection services keep you and your stakeholders securely connected and support uninterrupted availability.

Server Administration

Monitoring. Maintenance. Security. We've got your back office covered 24/7. Our certified IT experts can be your one-stop solution or seamlessly supplement in-house teams.

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The NeoSystems Difference: Outsourced Managed IT Services

At NeoSystems, we invest in highly knowledgeable, skilled and certified experts, and innovative software applications from vendors like Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and SolarWinds, to create the right mix for managing IT challenges. Outsourced IT management involves assigning dedicated IT experts to continuously monitor your technology infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance of your network and systems. As a managed IT services provider, NeoSystems ensures your systems and data are always available.

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Benefits of NeoSystems’ Outsourced IT Management

Our clients enjoy many benefits from our outsourced managed IT services, including:

  • Greater Expertise: By outsourcing to NeoSystems’ IT department, businesses gain access to an IT team with extensive expertise, certification, and talent in information technology. Our professionals offer more flexibility within a highly adaptable engagement model.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Establishing and maintaining an internal IT team can take significant time and resources. Companies that outsource get the same benefits as those with their own teams, and they get them at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire in-house amid a global shortage of skilled IT professionals.
  • No Extra Staff: Instead of hiring internally or searching around for an IT professional with the level of experience desired, businesses access an experienced, fully trained IT team immediately. This also means reduced labor costs and minimal to no onboarding costs at all.
  • Flexible Support: Our clients enjoy IT back-office support both on-site and remotely. Our experts are available on call 24/7 to support your end users so you don’t have to be.
  • Data Protection: With compliant security and backup measures, your data is protected. We offer redundant systems, servers that meet multiple compliance standards and backup servers on top of it all, so you can rest assured your data is in good hands.
  • Better Resource Allocation: Our managed IT solutions offer your organization the predictability of a fixed monthly fee. You can budget better and devote resources to other strategic initiatives to support your growth.
  • Complete Scalability: NeoSystems can quickly add or remove services and team members as your company grows or business demands shift. As a result, you gain the flexibility and agility you need to stay competitive.
  • Enterprise-Wide Value: No matter the size of your organization, our managed IT solutions help maintain uptime and relieve overburdened staff. Your teams enjoy higher productivity and can focus on their core responsibilities to drive your company forward.
  • Training: Ensure your staff receives the necessary guidance to use essential technologies effectively. Our experienced team can provide thorough, efficient training that prepares your employees for improved workflows.

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Our Outsourced Managed IT Solutions

  • Fault Tolerant Network Design & Management: NeoSystems managed information technology services include secure and scalable network design and management solutions, allowing flexible change to your infrastructure to suit the requirements of your organization and improve your service availability, regardless of the size of your network.
  • Remote Network Monitoring: NeoSystems’ network administration and monitoring service gauges your network for any potential failures and slowdowns, identifying and addressing them before they shut your system down. These services ensure your organization experiences maximum uptime and performance.
  • Data Protection & Backup: NeoSystems continuously monitors your organization’s data, protecting it with encryptions and regularly backing it up between our three data centers in Ashburn, Chicago and Orlando, to protect against outside threats.

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  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: We offer NIST SP 800-171 compliant Desktop as a Service (DaaS) tools through partnerships with Citrix, VMware and others.
  • Server Administration: A reliable IT infrastructure is essential to keeping your business running smoothly, and with NeoSystems’ server administration, you can ensure it does. NeoSystems’ IT expert professionals will monitor and maintain your servers around the clock, so your staff can focus on your client-facing functions and other strategic projects.

With these key information technology and security services, your organization can concentrate on the deliverables and services that drive your business’ growth. Contact us today to learn more about our Managed IT Services outsourcing and how outsourced IT management services create value for your business.

The NeoSystems Difference

We stand out from the others — and for excellent reasons.


We’ve spent decades empowering over 600 clients to achieve significant growth with dedicated, credentialed, diverse IT solutions and a team of over 160 experts. Our founders bring further experience to the solutions we develop, benefitting organizations across numerous industries and business sizes.

NeoSystems offers clients best-of-breed advanced technology solutions tailored to their specific needs. We maintain strategic alliances with the industry’s most well-respected partners and brands to provide the best possible services for our clients.

Core Industries

With our outsourced IT services for commercial businesses, government contractors, and non-profits, your organization has access to tailored, scalable IT solutions that utilize the latest technologies and approaches. NeoSystems distributes these costs among multiple clients so that small and medium organizations can enjoy the same capabilities as larger ones.

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