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NeoSystems Corporation

Managed IT Services

Do you worry about whether your donor, membership or program data is safe? Is your current IT infrastructure reliable and dependable? Are the right skilled professionals maintaining it? Is your information protected?

Managed IT Solutions for Nonprofits

Our nonprofit clients rely on NeoSystems’ managed information technology (IT) services (MITS) to optimize their back office operations. With our outsourced IT services for non-profits, your organization receives a solution that combines expert personnel, best-in-class tool sets, and advanced technical infrastructure. Our managed IT services for nonprofits provide your organization with peace of mind by using dedicated professionals who focus on monitoring your technology for optimal performance.

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The NeoSystems Difference:
Managed IT Services For Nonprofits

NeoSystems’ outsourced IT services for non-profits uses the right combination of professionals, tools, and infrastructure so that your organization will receive the perfect solution to better manage your IT challenges and achieve further success. NeoSystems will:

  • Offer a virtual on-demand CTO/CIO
  • Provide a la carte solutions and pricing
  • Design and maintain your network infrastructure
  • Deliver 24/7 help-desk support on-site or remote
  • Satisfy compliance requirements
  • Safeguard your company’s sensitive information
  • Maximize up-time

By distributing the common costs of our experienced team and specialized applications across many customers, NeoSystems saves you the costs of performing these tasks in-house. With our services, your organization gains responsive, reliable IT solutions that are scalable to accommodate future growth.

Strategic Alliances with Software Vendors

Through strategic alliances with leading software vendors, NeoSystems delivers services built on today’s premier back office applications. Our service offerings are tailored to each client’s size, budget, and industry to create a comprehensive solution.

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