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Meetings & Membership

Meetings & Membership Solutions

Does your staff juggle all the work of setting up and running events and meetings—and then have to determine the ROI and how the data will fit into your nonprofit’s mission? What if you could have one system for capturing all the important data from events and meetings, and from all sources of membership?

NeoSystems gives you the peace of mind of knowing that all this key information is in one central location, so that nothing falls through the cracks. We perform and manage meetings and membership processes for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Along with our complete non-profit management services, our meetings and membership/donor management services streamline your processes and systems for these key activities.

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The NeoSystems Difference:
Meeting & Membership/Donor Management Services

NeoSystems helps non-profit organizations maximize their fundraising efforts by managing the data associated with events and meetings. We track and analyze:

  • Event and meeting participants
  • Revenue
  • Return on investment
  • Historical data for future planning

In addition, our nonprofit clients can reduce the amount of time spent managing memberships, dues, donations and payment histories. NeoSystems supports efficient membership management using our seasoned experts in the field, along with best-in-class tools for data analysis that drives membership recruitment and planning.

We track and manage activities, such as:

  • Renewal cycles
  • New member registrations
  • New member campaigns
  • Dues income
  • Historical data for future planning
  • Donor contributions

In conjunction with our Managed Accounting Services, this information can be tied back into your accounting software to create a seamless transition of data. This critical flow of information frees up program directors, staff, and volunteers to work directly on their mission while the back office operates efficiently, cost-effectively, and in compliance with often-changing regulations. Give yourself the freedom and time to focus on supporting your mission and the people you serve.

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