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NeoSystems Corporation

NeoFlow Workflow Solutions

Check out our new workflow tools to help automate and accelerate your internal business processes.


Payables – The accounts payable workflow provides a platform to process vendor invoices from invoice receipt through payment.


Billing – The accounts receivable workflow allows you to pull data from invoices created in Costpoint.

Vendor Maintenance

Vendor Maintenance – Set up a new vendor with key information for reporting and tracking into Costpoint.

Vendor Ratings

Vendor Ratings – This process includes implementing an extensibility in Costpoint and provides a simple way of rating vendor performance.

Employee Management

Employee Management – Simplify updates to employee information in Costpoint.

Journal Entry Approval

Journal Entry Approval – The accounting department can add, replace, and copy posted and unposted journal entries from Costpoint within this workflow.

Employee Workforce

Employee Workforce – This process pulls relevant data & allows you to request/add employees to a project workforce.

Financial Approvals

Financial Statement Approvals – Financial statement approvals are streamlined and consistently replicated with this workflow.

Travel Authorization

Travel Authorization – This process provides the ability to pull project data for travel authorization to be gained by an employee.

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