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NeoSystems Corporation

Vendor Maintenance

Vendor Maintenance Workflow

Say goodbye to your hard-to-track data re-entry process and hello to your new integrated data centric solution. Vendor Maintenance is an essential part of your organization that is expected to run efficiently while continuing to be a seamless solution. This Vendor Maintenance Workflow streamlines the creation and editing of new and existing vendors, helping your company maintain the integrity of your vendor data while reducing the headaches of downstream errors and tedious data entry tasks. The intuitive user-friendly interface leads your employees down a path of least resistance: a step-by-step sequence of questions with validated Costpoint data makes for a workflow that is as simple as request, approve, integrate.

Benefits of NeoSystems’ Vendor Maintenance workflow:

  • Vendor Maintenance Approval prior to submission in Costpoint
  • Easy validated field updates:
    • Addresses
    • Classifications
    • AP and Cash Accounts
  • Source system control

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