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Why NeoSystems.Cloud is Better

What is NeoSystems.Cloud?

The NeoSystems.Cloud is a leading, cost-effective, secure cloud hosting solution for government contractors who are contractually obligated to meet FAR, DFARS, FedRAMP Ready FISMA Moderate and other security regulations. For firms ready to move to the cloud, our solution enables a low risk, low-cost transition from traditional on-premise environments to our cloud.

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The NeoSystems.Cloud meets all the stringent Government Contractor audit and compliance requirements for cloud hosting solutions including the FedRAMP Ready FISMA Moderate designation, AICPA SOC 1 and SOC 2, NIST SP 800-171, DFARS 252.204-7012, and ITAR, and will soon have CMMC Maturity Level 2 certification as well as DFARS 252.204-7021 compliance. Because NeoSystems is audited against security requirements equivalent to those established by the Government for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Moderate baseline, our cloud-hosting environment meets the DFARS 252.204-7012 requirement.

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Benefits of NeoSystems.Cloud

  • You’ll have access to a solid, tested, cloud that Meets security requirements equivalent to those established by the Government for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Moderate baseline and mapped to CMMC Maturity Level 2 and NIST 800-171 controls 
  • Our platform offers superior and unrivaled uptime, management and monitoring capabilities 

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  • NeoSystems clients experience significantly higher performance than with other cloud hosting providers
  • We include disaster recovery with lower RPO and RTO (other providers may not include it or you may need to build it yourself) 
  • NeoSystems.Cloud utilizes all Solid-State Drives, delivering 25-50% faster processing performance and higher user-productivity for a better user-experience 

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Our clients see immediate benefits from hosting their data and applications in our cloud including: 

  • DoD-level compliance and security (CMMC)
  • Purpose-built infrastructure and systems for predictable performance and disaster recovery  
  • Service Level Agreements for Availability & Response Time 
  • Flexible software updates on your schedule 
  • Comprehensive support with proactive, 24×7 monitoring 

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How To Choose A Cloud Service Provider

Ask your cloud hosting provider the tough questions about their services. Do they have a plan to address all the areas below AND provide value to your organization? After all, your business’ livelihood depends on it.

Cloud hosting providers don't pay for non-compliance - your business does.

CMMC Compliance 

Will your cloud hosting provider support CMMC complianceIf so, how? Any Government Contractor that has contracts with the DFARS 7021 clause MUST obtain CMMC certification. NeoSystems is committed to CMMC Maturity Level 3 controls and processes, and is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) with 10 Registered Practitioners (RPs) on staff. We have scheduled our CMMC audit for NeoSystems.Cloud for summer 2021. By virtue of utilizing a CMMC Maturity Level 3 certified cloud, you inherit the controls and standards that have already been certified. You should question your cloud hosting provider’s commitment to CMMC compliance if they are not listed in the CMMC AB Marketplace as a Registered Provider Organization (RPO).  

Database Options 

Does your cloud hosting provider offer you a choice of databases? NeoSystems supports both SQL Server and Oracle databases (we don’t force you to convert to a different database; you can choose). Some Cloud Hosting providers such as Deltek will force you onto Oracle with long-term ramifications. There are excessive costs and risks associated with this move, and you become a hostage to inevitable price increases in the futureAnd small and medium-sized businesses are often forced into an enterprise-level solution (with enterprise-level pricing) snice they don’t offer a mid-market solution that offers the required security and compliance. Doesn’t sound very client-friendly, does it? 

We contractually guarantee financial credits for outage time.

Service Level Agreements 

How about Service Level Agreements? NeoSystems offers them…in writing. We contractually guarantee financial credits for outage time. Other cloud hosting providers offer little or no known Service Level Agreements guaranteeing availability – and certainly not ones that they are willing to stand behind financially. Your company’s operations could be at risk with no recourse if/when the cloud provider’s system goes down.   

Hosting ERP and 3rd-Party Applications 

But what about cloud hosting and support for back office business applicationsNeoSystems.Cloud is 3rd-party agnostic and hosts any back-office business system, including those most prevalent among Government Contractors. Other cloud hosting providers, especially those that are primarily software companies, do NOT host any other applications, and sometimes don’t even host all their own applications.    

Don’t take any cloud hosting provider’s word for it. Ask them the tough questions about their cloud. When you do, we’re confident you’ll come to the same conclusion we did: NeoSystems.Cloud is the best and safest hosting choice for Government Contractors. 


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