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CMMC Additional Services

NeoSystems Additional CMMC Services

For organizations that require more complex security configurations, NeoSystems offers value-added services that complement our standard CMMC compliance solution. These services leverage the expertise of our Managed IT Services and FedRAMP Ready cloud to align your organizations security posture with stringent CMMC requirements. 

  • Managed detection and response (log management)
  • Endpoint protection (managed anti-malware)
  • Boundary protection (managed firewall)
  • Patch management
  • Managed IT
  • Network, server, and endpoint management
  • Patch management
  • Cloud backup
  • Encryption
  • Email protection
  • Microsoft Office 365 management
  • Cloud application hosting (FedRAMP Ready FISMA Moderate)
  • Hosted desktops (secure enclave)

Tell Us About Your CMMC Challenges

These value-add CMMC services are a great fit for organizations pursuing CMMC level 4 or 5 certification, as well as smaller organizations who want to augment their current security infrastructure. Our purpose-built end-to-end CMMC solutions transfer the compliance burden from your organization to ours, and give you a single organization to work with for all your CMMC, IT and hosting requirements.

Contact us today at to learn more about our additional CMMC services or to schedule a complimentary consultation for your organization.

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