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Change Management

Change Management Services

NeoSystems delivers proven Change Management services to help optimize the return on your implementation project investment.  With years of experience in knowing where employees are affected during the ERP implementation and upgrade cycle, we have successfully prepared companies and their employees to embrace, adopt and use the system before go-live.

We use the Prosci® Change Management Methodology to work with your team before, during and after implementation to improve the long-term ROI for your project. Prosci® studies show that companies are six times more likely to meet project objectives, five times more likely to deliver it on schedule, and twice as likely to be within budget when change management is included in the project.  NeoSystems brings project management, system implementation, and change management expertise to your project.

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Why Do You Need Change Management?

  • It is important to bring the people along in the change. Change management works to address the people side, assuring that end users can use the new tools, adopt new behaviors and ways of thinking, and ultimately embrace the change.


  • A skilled Change Management methodology combined with an experienced project manager, can address resistance during the project lifecycle, thus increasing the likelihood of success.
  • An effective change management approach will address resistance well before go-live and support the project sponsor in connecting with the project team to deliver key messages.

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What Makes NeoSystems Different

NeoSystems has a disciplined implementation and project management approach that includes change management based on Prosci® change management best practices.  We have done this with many clients with success. We have lived system implementations and have the experience to help more clients secure a smooth and successful project.

  • People, Processes and Tools – We provide the best of our people and help you get the best from your people by training your team across the entire project life cycle. At the end of the engagement, your staff is well-trained and ready to support the technology and the team. Our Change Management approach empowers your people to be successful before, during and after the go-live date.
  • We provide a Change Management Impact Analysis that identifies the state of the organization as it prepares for change. In addition, we offer a detailed Change Management Strategy that covers the entire project lifecycle and includes:
    1. Resistance Management Plan
    2. Sponsor Roadmap
    3. Manager Support or Coaching Plan
    4. Communications Plan
    5. Training Plan


Contact us today to learn more about how our Change Management services can help your implementation project meet your objectives while coming in under budget and ahead of schedule.

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