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Elevate Costpoint

Elevate Costpoint

Costpoint 8.2 is coming! Are you on the right path to upgrade?

Do you feel your company is only using a small portion of the functionality that is available in Costpoint? Have you done multiple upgrades without taking advantage of new functionality? Now is the time to plan your upgrade strategy to ensure you’re getting the greatest return from your Costpoint investment.

Elevate Costpoint will help your company identify Costpoint functionality that can improve business performance, and provides a definitive plan to get you there. Elevate Costpoint includes 3-5 days of consulting, meeting with your corporate functional experts in key areas of your business including accounting, projects, billing, accounts receivable and treasury. We will develop an understanding of how Costpoint is being used and identify business and operational needs that are unmet or only partially met today. Then, applying our experience as practitioners and Costpoint Experts we will create an action plan identifying the new 8.2 and existing Costpoint features that can help you gain efficiencies and elevate your system to the next level.

Elevate your business, not just your software.

  • Costpoint 8.2 elevates the user experience. Using Costpoint becomes easier, but different. Understand what the changes are so you can prepare your staff and optimize their performance.
  • Costpoint 8.2 brings new functionality that can further improve business operations and performance. Understand what’s new and how to take advantage.
  • Costpoint 8.2 changes certain data and file structures. This in turn can affect Extensibilities and integrations. Understand what changes so you can be prepared.

Elevating to Costpoint 8.2 provides further opportunity to enhance business performance. It’s an opportunity to ensure your Costpoint is accurate and effective, that applications and processes are integrated, that all resources are used efficiently, and that everything supports your business strategy and organizational goals.

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Don’t wait! Deltek Costpoint cloud users will be upgraded to 8.2 next March. Contact us today to learn how you can Elevate your Costpoint experience and unlock the value 8.2 can provide.

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