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Accounting Data Migration

Data Migration Services

data migration services

Accounting system data migration must be executed smoothly to ensure both the transfer of data as well as the transfer of knowledge and expertise to clients. To make sure the accounting migration process is performed properly and expeditiously, data is extracted from the previous source system, adapted to the appropriate format, and loaded into the target database.

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Our professional services that support data migration are:

  • Data migration consulting and detailed client requirement analysis Using our expertise to decide which ERP software would be best to implement in your companies needs, and how best to begin the conversion
  • Data selection and conversion strategy Together, deciding which data is most appropriate to convert into the new software. This would be done with the collaboration of our team and the client
  • System architecture mapping To cater to the client’s needs, the system will be specifically organized and chosen with the clients needs at the forefront
  • Data Mapping We provide a custom data map between the existing data and create a plan for the new
  • Export and Data Conversion When the plan is set in place, our team of experts will import the new ERP

export and data conversion services

  • Data Imports We will successfully import and continue to import as needed to the new software
  • Additional Support Assistance, training, and troubleshooting will be available on new features as they upgrade

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Data Migration Consulting Services

As data migration consultants, our approach is to act as an expert advisor to a client before, during and after the accounting data migration process. This allows us to provide additional knowledge and insight while explaining specific services that assist in making the transfer of data more effective. Through our data migration consulting services, it is our job to have a deep understanding of the new and old software, thereby facilitating a smooth transfer of the data to the new system.

NeoSystems provides expert data migration consultants to assist before, during and after the data migration process

We also assist with the data structures, procedures, and all processes. Here are just a few of the financial management software systems that NeoSystems can help migrate to and from:

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