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NeoSystems Corporation


CMMC Enclave For Government Contractors

NeoSystems operates and provides clients with compliant work environments – fully built, fully documented, zero-trust environments that are capable of handling CUI including export controlled (ITAR/EAR) data.  Our solutions are purpose-built to meet your business needs while maintaining DFARS, NIST, CMMC, and ITAR compliance.  NeoSystems solutions are affordable and enable Federal Government Contractors to quickly raise their SPRS score.  These are complete solutions that include full security program implementation, documentation, training, and best practices as well as HelpDesk Support staffed in the US.  The NeoSystems work environments are designed to meet the full range of business needs – from the most basic handling of CUI to advanced collaboration and even graphical intensive processing for applications like AutoCAD.  We have a solution for you! 

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Our environments support ongoing updates to the latest control revisions so that as compliance requirements and technologies change, your environment is updated to stay operational and compliant. 

And with NeoSystems, you’ll always know your compliance status – customers get access to a secure compliance dashboard for evidence and communication, audit support, and ongoing compliance planning.  Bonus – no need to pay for a pre-audit assessment.   And we will stand beside you as you complete your CMMC audit.

Business Use Cases

As noted, the NeoSystems compliant work environments are purpose-built to meet your needs.  But that doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all.  We understand that needs vary by end-user, their job, and tools as well as the company’s needs. 

To cite a few examples, end-users include:

  1. Road Warrior – Everyday working with CUI in Microsoft 365.  Use their laptop – work online and offline.   
  2. Report Writer – Company receives CUI, which must be downloaded, viewed, analyzed, edited, and reports uploaded back to a secure web site.  Might be ITAR/EAR, might not. 
  3. Engineer/Architect – Work with specialized applications like AutoCad.  Share documents and collaborate with co-workers and the customer.  
  4. Infrequent User – Company occasionally receives CUI, which must be viewed.  Responses back may or may not include CUI.
  5. Manufacturer – Neo prefers cloud-first, but recognizes that for manufacturers that on-premise equipment – specialized assets is required.

No matter your business needs, we have an affordable compliant work environment to meet it.

To Enclave or not to Enclave

Depending on your company situation – maybe everyone handles CUI or maybe it’s a select few – together, we can determine if an Enclave makes sense for you.  Maybe you have just a few people or a few contracts or just one department that handles CUI – that might lend itself well to a separate enclave for these people.  Another scenario, a US subsidiary of a foreign owned corporation might be well-served by an enclave to transmit, process and store their CUI. 

Through some simple question and answer conversation, we walk through the process, we can determine if an enclave is right for you.

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