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A virtual office environment is becoming increasingly popular for nonprofit organizations. A virtual office may offer a non-profit or charity organization enough advantages so that they can spend more time working on their mission and expanding their donor and/or member base and less time at their desk working through the details of infrastructure and intake.

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Virtual Office Benefits For Nonprofits

  • Greater Productivity: Staff are often more productive when they can work with greater control of their work environments and schedules. Many organizations are offering flexible work hours but requiring all staff to be available during core hours during the day, such as 10am to 3pm, in order to support staff collaboration.
  • Less Overhead: After salaries, rent is often the biggest expense for organizations. Saving the cost of rent and those expenses related to maintaining a physical space can add up overtime. Happier staff save on time and money, and reduce stress when they no longer commute, eat out for lunch, dress for a professional office each day, or deal with office gossip. They also have more flexibility in the day to manage personal life and their work.
  • Easier To Hire: Organizations have a much larger pool to choose from by expanding their search beyond their local area and won’t have to worry about paying for relocation or about finding office space for new hires.

Our Virtual Office Services

NeoSystems Virtual Office services provide the working infrastructure for nonprofit organizations to accomplish their mission without being bogged down by administrative or operational issues. We help nonprofits in the following areas:

  • Setting Up a Virtual Office
    Deciding how to structure your virtual nonprofit office is the first step. You might opt to go completely virtual by keeping all your data and operations on servers in the cloud, or you may choose to have a small physical office but no full-time employees. You can hire full-time telecommuting employees directly, work with independent contractors, or work with our Human Capital and Recruitment teams to find qualified workers that fit your roles. We also recommend setting up specific digital record-keeping policies and reporting processes before you begin.
  • Managing in a Virtual Workspace
    Unlike a traditional office, a virtual office offers no face-to-face contact between coworkers or project teams. You won’t get the same kind of feedback and idea sharing you’d get in a physical office setting. Having the right technology can help everything run smoothly, and we leverage our managed IT services team to help many of our nonprofit clients. If you’re managing volunteers, we can help you set up an online scheduling system to ensure you have the right people where you need them most.
  • Enhancing Virtual Office Efficiencies
    Communication is key to operating a virtual nonprofit office efficiently. We assist you in setting up multiple methods of communication for employees, management, and the community you serve. As part of this, casual internal forums and chat boards can serve as virtual water coolers to make everyone in your organization feel connected even when they’re geographically separated.

Running a virtual office frees up your resources and encourages collaboration with other organizations and professionals involved in the same type of work. We’ll work with your team to ensure a smooth remote working experience for your nonprofit management and employees by planning ahead and staying organized, so you can spend less time on routine tasks and more time making your community and the world a better place.

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