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Governance Services

In today’s economic environment, non-profit organizations are being called on to play greater roles in our communities across the nation. With these greater roles, non-profits face unprecedented demands for transparency, accountability and governance. Having the ability to meet these demands is essential for maintaining the confidence and financial support of members, donors, and volunteers. NeoSystems specializes in delivering governance services that transform compliance and reporting requirements into opportunities for growth and new funding. As a result, organizations have more time to focus on their missions and serving their communities.

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The NeoSystems Difference: Governance Solutions

NeoSystems aligns your organization with best practices and standards, such as Part VI of IRS Form 990, by providing a web-based platform for maintaining internal policies and procedures. And, using the reporting capability of Ethical Advocate, your organization has access to an anonymous whistleblower system to call unethical behavior to management’s attention.

NeoSystems navigates non-profit organizations through governance issues and accounting obstacles so that management can concentrate on creating effective programs and accomplishing their mission.

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