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Outsourcing Back-Office – Commercial Businesses

Leading organizations are focusing on optimizing back-office operations to improve their internal operations, propel revenue growth, and move their businesses forward. For many commercial businesses, the solution is outsourcing their back-office functions through NeoSystems.

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Commercial business back office solutions

Strategic Back-Office Solutions

NeoSystems delivers strategic back-office solutions and best-in-class systems to a wide variety of commercial businesses. From eCommerce startups to enterprise software companies, NeoSystems provides a staff of industry experts, and leading cloud-based business management software solution suites to enable your optimized results that impact your bottom line.

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Software Solutions for Businesses:

  • Deltek: One of the leading enterprise software solutions for project-based businesses, Deltek provides insight and control for organizations through quality business intelligence, which is why over 22,000 businesses worldwide now employ it. As a Deltek Platinum Partner, NeoSystems can help improve your implementation of Deltek and provide quality support services for your system.
  • IBM Cognos: IBM Cognos is a business intelligence platform that offers customizable reports through a scalable, user-friendly platform. With over 23,000 users worldwide, Cognos is a highly effective performance management solution that can be made even better with consulting services from IBM partner, NeoSystems.
  • NetSuite: The top cloud ERP system worldwide, NetSuite is preferred by over 40 thousand organizations across the globe for its scalability and utility. NetSuite works for all types of businesses, streamlining workflows, improving visibility and maximizing productivity. As a NetSuite Solution Provider and BPO Partner, NeoSystems can help your business maximize these benefits.

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Services for Commercial Businesses:

  • Managed Accounting Services: Accounting and reporting requirements for can be complex for businesses, but failure to comply with today’s extensive regulatory requirements can crippling  to a business. Business turn to managed accounting professionals in order to avoid issues by outsourcing their accounting functions to NeoSystems’ team of DCAA-experienced accounting professionals, adept at navigating the ins and outs of the accounting world.
  • Managed IT Services: Enterprise IT requirements are constantly changing with industry regulations and evolving technology, and your IT department has to keep up. You don’t have to grow a team of seasoned IT professionals. Team up with NeoSystems. We offer scalable IT solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing network architecture, as well as highly-skilled IT professionals to support you and your back-office IT functions.
  • Hosting & Security ServicesIn today’s data-driven world, accessibility and security are paramount for business success. To maximize your software’s accessibility without having to maintain complex hardware and security requirements, companies rely on NeoSystems to host software solutions in our compliant data center. We provide hosting solutions for Deltek and other back-office packages in our highly-secure and compliant cloud, enabling businesses to operate in a secure, hassle-free environment.
  • Human Capital ManagementMaintaining the employee lifecycle, retaining quality talent and juggling project needs are challenges for any organization. Along with our other expert managed services, Human Capital Management is a robust service that prioritizes quality and experience in the back office. Retaining quality talent while juggling project needs can be difficult, but NeoSystems can help. NeoSystems offers human capital management services and software solutions to  automate human resource and recruitment functions, saving HR departments vaulable time and effort so they can focus on growing the organization.
  • Consulting & Systems Integration: When it comes to highly-skilled, expert consulting around Deltek, IBM Cognos, TM1, NetSuite, Adaptive and many other back-office software solutions, NeoSystems is second to none.  With an average of 25 years of experience and over 200 implementations, NeoSystems combines seamless implementation and integration with fundamental product knowledge, enabling organizations to make sort, mid and long-term decisions to run their business successfully. Our back office consulting services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Financial Planning and AnalysisNeoSystems offers a host of financial planning models, both as a managed and stand-alone service.  Businesses rely on NeoSystems to develop expert FP&A models using data analytics, enabling easier and more effective decisions, and uncover new tools for enhanced financial growth.

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Our Commercial Business Clients

Our services and software solutions help businesses of all sizes and origins cut costs and improve efficiency, including:

  • Small businesses that need a complete, scalable back-office solution to support growth.
  • Medium-sized companies that have some in-house capability but require visibility, flexibility, and scalability to grow.
  • Large commercial enterprises who need business solutions that help identify and harness growth drivers.
  • Foreign-owned corporations that seek to establish a U.S.-based office to do business.

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