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Deltek Budgeting & Planning

Budgeting & Planning Solutions

Government contractors expect their project management, budgeting, and forecasting software to manage contractual requirements, risk and resources, to include subcontractors, all while automatically keeping the ledger current with costs on both project and organizational levels. Deltek Budgeting and Planning allows for streamlined operations, with easy to use, cost-effective optimized systems integration.

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Resource Management Software

Project Manager do so much more than simply manage resources. They source budget, make sure properly utilized and approve time and expense charges. Deltek Budgeting and Planning automates both sides of many of these processes, enabling to focus on analyzing data rather than gathering it, enabling resources to
focus on work rather than the paperwork.

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Project Budget Management Software

Whether you are a federal contractor or a subcontractor, Deltek Budgeting and Planning can handle both your government and commercial businesses with standard actual costing method options. The on-premises and cloud versions provide flexibility federal contractors of all sizes successfully deliver projects on time and on budget.

With Deltek Budgeting and Planning, businesses can proactively:

  • Plan by resource or by project
  • Search for resources by skill, credentials, etc.
  • Report using Project Manager dashboard with multi-tier drill down functionality
  • Forecast and review your projects
  • Empower your subcontractors with process automation (approve/reject) functionality
  • Deliver project portfolio management reporting

Deltek Budgeting and Planning also delivers:

  • Integrated project management & accounting: bid, plan, budget, report and bill, all in one system with real-time project visibility
  • Project costing for government contracts: create bid and proposal costing and easily convert to project baseline budgets
  • Government contractor resource planning: monitor project resources using real-time costs for effective resource management

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