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NeoSystems Corporation

Managed Accounting

Process Engineering

NeoSystems offers process engineering services to organizations of all sizes.

NeoSystems Process Engineering Services

NeoSystems offers process engineering within our managed accounting services for government contractors, nonprofits, and commercial business. Our talented experts evaluate your accounting systems and processes, measure performance, and outline areas for improvement.

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Process Engineering for Accounting

Our process engineering services incorporate performance measurement methods that build a foundation for continuous improvement. The high-level steps in our process include:

  • Defining the key performance indicators (KPIs) that clearly demonstrate your organization’s current and historic operations
  • Measuring current KPIs against best practices for performance
  • Identifying new performance targets
  • Mapping business processes in your current systems against new targets, identifying any gaps
  • Developing action plans to achieve targeted performance

Process Improvement for Accounting Systems

Whether your accounting process needs a few simple improvements, such as automating reports, or a complete transformation with integrated software systems, NeoSystems has the experts to implement the right solution for you.

NeoSystems provides full-scope managed services to address any level of accounting operations your organization needs. We combine our professional staff, industry-leading software packages, and a best-in-class technical infrastructure to design custom accounting solutions.

As a key back office function, a strong accounting operation helps your organization:

  • Meet compliance and reporting regulations
  • Operate efficiently with a thorough understanding of key performance indicators
  • Pursue opportunities for development growth

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