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HR Analytics

NeoSystems HR Services & Software

Organizations in many industries can gather and analyze data related to their human resources (HR) to guide hiring, development, and other workforce planning decisions. At NeoSystems, we offer services and software to help you leverage your HR information for strategic decisions about your most valuable resource: your employees.

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Using Data Effectively

More data doesn’t necessarily mean better data. Organizations with a lot of information to synthesize need systems to present data in a way that managers and executives can use. Our consultants have the expertise to help your organization determine what is important to your business goals—and then take action.

Some of the key performance indicators in HR include:

  • Workforce productivity
  • Effects of training programs on organizational performance
  • Predictors of workforce turnover
  • Benefits expenses
  • Staff absenteeism costs

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NeoSystems: Services for HR Analytics

NeoSystems has solutions for government contractors, nonprofits, and commercial business. We custom develop a system that works for your specific needs. Among the services we offer are:

  • HR Dashboard Development: Highlight your key HR data with graphics that summarize information for different roles within your organization.
  • Workforce Planning: Use your organizational goals to drive decisions such as identifying skills needed for future business goals, evaluating current workforce vs. future needs, and developing benefits to retain key employees.
  • Succession Planning: Ensure the future performance of your organization with strategies to identify and develop successors for key positions to provide continuity.

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