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CMMC Compliance Services

Achieve Compliance . . . Maintain Compliance

An affordable, accelerated, low-risk path to CMMC compliance

CMMC requirements are exacting, and the assessment process is rigorous. But being ready for CMMC doesn’t need to distract your organization from focusing on its core business. NeoSystems provides government contractors with a clear and direct path that supports their goal to achieve and maintain CMMC compliance, and to prepare for a third-party assessment. You can achieve compliance quickly and affordably with our CMMC-mapped solutions.

NeoSystems offers flexible CMMC compliance services based upon your organization’s business needs, IT, and current security posture. We bring your organization into CMMC alignment by augmenting and upgrading your current systems and processes as well as by providing secure, compliant computing enclave solutions.

Shift compliance burdens from you to us

Our managed services shift compliance burdens from you to us. We take responsibility of preparing you for your successful CMMC assessment and for maintaining a strong, compliant cybersecurity posture with this three-step approach.

  1. Achieve – NeoSystems will implement a compliant, secure workplace environment aligned with your organization’s IT and business requirements. We’ll develop a System Security Plan (SSP), policies, procedures, and training materials and help curate the documentation, artifacts and evidence that will be required for your certification.
  2. Manage – NeoSystems can augment existing IT resources or take on full responsibility for IT operations as needed, including 24×7 monitoring, IT on-demand support, system patching and maintenance, and problem resolution.
    Our comprehensive end-to-end security program includes incident response management; vulnerability, configuration and patch management; and network and endpoint compliance.
  3. Maintain – Compliance isn’t an end state, it’s a process. We’ll ensure your environment remains secure as the threat landscape continues to evolve and change, as your IT requirements scale and grow with your business, and as new government regulations and standards emerge.

Our CMMC Compliance Support Services

NeoSystems offers comprehensive CMMC compliance services for government contractors. Our solution shifts the compliance burden to NeoSystems, and we take responsibility for successfully achieving CMMC on the client’s behalf. This is a full turnkey compliance management solutions for defense contractors seeking all 3 levels of CMMC that do not have a well-established cybersecurity program in place or who need to align an existing non-Federal program with CMMC requirements. In addition, our solution can be augmented with technical solutions to fill CMMC compliance gaps.

With our CMMC compliance services, NeoSystems assumes responsibility for cybersecurity compliance, including successfully passing the CMMC audit. NeoSystems’ CMMC compliance support solution includes:

  • Fractional Information Security Officer (ISO) assigned as your “go-to” person for all security compliance items. This consultant is responsible to drive the security program from beginning to end.
  • Gap assessment mapped directly to the applicable compliance requirements (CMMC, FAR, DFARS, etc.)
  • Foundational documents needed for a mature security program – policies, procedures, security plans, etc. – built from our templates.  You pay only for the time needed to customize them to your organization.
  • On-going support to drive all periodic recurring security program tasks on a strict schedule.  This ensures that all required processes operate effectively.
  • On-request access to security expertise for questions, new systems, new risks, etc.
  • Vulnerability scanning of all systems monthly to create a prioritized list of IT asset vulnerabilities. This enables system administrators to effectively manage the risk of software flaws.
  • Incident response support including required data collection and reporting (to meet DFARS requirements).

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